The opening moves of the Falklands War of 1982 were made when group of Argentinian scrap metal merchants landed on South Georgia, a dependency of the the Falkland Islands Administration. This was followed by invasion of the Islands proper and Argentina’s short occupation from which Britain’s armed forces smartly ejected it.

At the time much blame was cast on Mrs. Thatcher’s Government for having ‘sent the wrong signals’ to Argentina by planning to scrap the Antarctic Survey Vessel HMS Endurance. Whilst that certainly gave an immediate green light to the Junta in Buenos Aires, they did not suddenly wake up in 1982 and say to themselves “Good heavens, The Brits might not mind at all if we relieve them of the pain of looking after this relic of Empire”.

No indeed they did not, for we know know that the Labour Government of 1976 was hard at work negotiating with the Argentines about giving them a Sovereign base on the islands. That must have given them a pretty clear message as to the interest HMG had in retaining the Islands and their utter and dishonourable disdain for the wishes and right to self-determination of the islanders who are all staunchly British.

The late Anthony Crosland, then Foreign Secretary, recognised this in writing:

“We would come under criticism for negotiating behind the islanders’ backs.”

He was entirely right, had we known anything of it.

As it was Labour could have owned up to this when the enquiry into the War was under way (a simple admission was all it would have taken) but as far as one knows nothing has ever been heard of these talks, though we know of other exchanges which had been going on between HMG and Argentina on Margaret Thatcher’s watch. The impression that Labour has allowed to be left is of disreputable conduct by the Foreign Office under the Tories with which they could not be associated which led to the wrong signals being sent to Buenos Aires.

Now we know that long before they were at it and have ever since concealed that information.

How shabby and disreputable is this party which aspires to wrap itself in the British Flag.

In reading of these matters I chanced upon the BBC’s page giving details of these negotiations: under “Background and Analysis” the headings are: :Background to the war that claimed 910 lives”; “Veterans Honour Fallen”; “The Falklands are Argentine”; “Open Wound of the Malvinas”.

No mention, then, under this heading, of the great military victory which led to the freedom and rights of the islanders being restored, only that lots of people died and that they dis so because of the Open wound of the Argentine Falklands.

How wicked is the BBC that it should have public money and so denigrate our nation and its armed forces.