A violent young hoodlum called Faisal Wangita, aged 25, was jailed for five years on Friday, for having taken part in an attack by a 40-strong gang which murdered a teenage rival in a busy street, after being convicted of offences of conspiracy to wound, conspiracy to possess offensive weapons and violent disorder by an Old Bailey jury in May.

What was singular about this young man was that he was the son of Idi Amin, the late Dictator of Uganda and one of the nastiest tyrants to emerge from Post-Colonial Africa (though he was not without stern competition), having arrived in the UK apparently on the coat tails of Amin’s fifth wife, who appears to have been granted asylum by the Germans at some stage.

Wangita, who has a string of previous convictions, was part of a Somali gang based in Tottenham called the North London Somalis or the ANC.

One is bound to ask how this man’s mother managed to get political asylum in the first place. Does Wangita still hold Ugandan or some other non-British nationality? If so, may we be assured that he will be on the next plane out of the country on the day when he finishes his sentence?

If he is British, did he acquire British Citizenship after committing offences? If so, why on earth did he receive such a reward? And should not that citizenship now be revoked?

I know we are supposed not to leave people stateless, but frankly people should know that citizenship is a great privilege and if bestowed upon you (otherwise than by birth) will be taken away from you if you become a criminal and you will be sent away from these shores.