As The Scotsman reports here, Alex the Salami Slicer Salmond (so called because he intends slicing Scotland away from The Union slice-by-slice) is bent on politicising the Scottish Civil Service by getting them, at no doubt very great expense and harm to the environment, to beard Whitehall mandarins in their den by hopping onto a plane at the drop of, well, a carbon footprint.

Officials should not be inhibited by the costs/carbon footprint of travel to secure invaluable face-to-face time.

So its “independence come what may” and the Devil may care what happens to the environment in pursuit of the same.

The document also maps out a strategy of forming links to Nation States of the EU (he’d better hurry as those sort of things will cease to exist on 1st. January 2009) rather than to regions, by opening proto-embassies decked out, at enormous cost to the pain of the tight-fisted Scots, with all the panoply of real embassies, no doubt.

In addition the document quoted makes clear the arrogant attitude of this man whose party garnered around 1/3 of the vote in May towards the law:

Officials say the SNP-led Executive can now “pretty much do what they want” on international relations, even though foreign affairs are still devolved to the UK government

Why do not the opposition parties vote all this rubbish down? Or are they all become ‘wee timrous beasties’ in the face of the ravening Nationalist Cat?

And why does the boy Milliband not tell Salmond to get his Toy Tanks off his Foreign Office Lawn?

I think we should be told, but probably won’t be.