“John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister, cost taxpayers £507,000 for travel and hospitality last year, official figures revealed. His total office expenditure was £2.5 million. Mr Prescott has still not moved out of his grace-and-favour flat in Admiralty House in Whitehall, Central London.”

The Tub O’Lard had no job to speak of in his last year of playing the buffoon, certainly no job involving governing the country to do, merely a sinecure with exclusively Labour Party duties to keep him from wrecking anything important. That being so, this is an awful lot of money to have to spend to keep him out of harm and his diary secretary’s way. What on earth did he manage to spend all that moolah on? How on earth does doing nothing cost £2.5 million?

As importantly why has this Fat Pig not left his free accommodation yet? He has known for a year that he would be out of a title (to say he would be out of a job would be a matter of terminological inexactitude), yet still he lingers like a rather nasty dog turd on the pavement: malodorous and carefully to be avoided.

Is he paying his Tax on this freebie? I look forward to a full and detailed entry on the next Member’s Interest’s Register.