BA comes back into my sights again after its shameful piece of dishonesty earlier this week (here) for this story in The Times:

British Airways attempted to conceal how many bags it was losing after discovering that it had come bottom of an industry league table, The Times has learnt.

The airline contacted its trade body, the Association of European Airlines (AEA), and ordered it not to announce the results of its quarterly survey of baggage delays and punctuality.

By all accounts BA now transports one bag per 36 passengers to somewhere other than where the owner is going. So next time you are in a medium sized jet going to Rome with 144 people on board, look around: your luggage and that of three others is winging its way to Buenos Aires.

How typical of BA to use its Bully Boy tactics to prevent this piece of information, essential in making travel decisions, from becoming public. How fortunate we are to have yet another reason to travel on anyone but the world’s least favourite airline.

It makes you wonder, though, who they employ in their PR department. This has not exactly their week as the “fines for cartels” issue demonstrated. Still, they bungled the job as usual, to our advantage for now we know that if we fly BA, it is probably not a good idea to check any luggage in as they will immediately ship it out to Ulan Bator for you, free of charge.