I have a Home page for Firefox called “Pageflakes” upon which I can view all the news that is fit to print from a variety of diverse sources, one of which is The Daily Express, the wackos who bang on about the Late Diana, Princess of Wales (“Martians spot Diana alive and well buying chopsticks in Chinese supermarket on Alpha Centauri”).

Today my eye was caught by this headline:


My first thought was: “How would he know?” thinking this must be about Vanity Blair, our late and much airbrushed from history Prime Minister until I realised that it was about The Metropolitan Police Commissioner who yesterday had his sweaty palm moment explaining away all the nonsense surrounding the wacking of an innocent Brazilian man during a terrorist alert.

I have not gone over the minutiae of his case, so I do not directly comment upon it, but, as always, one is left with the sense that this was a case of spin that went awry and for which, in times past, the Head Honcho would have done the decent thing and decided to spend more time with his family, if only because the effect of what has happened has been to cast a shadow over a major public body like the Met.

Nowadays, however, the motto seems to be “I’ve started so I’ll finish” as whoever it is hangs onto the trappings of office and attendant pension.

We shall see how Macavity deals with his first scandal: will the son of the Manse usher the miscreant out of Government with a stern lecture about probity and trust, or will complete confidence be expressed right up to the moment the blade of the guillotine whistles down on their neck

Hold not your breath for the former.