The culture of spin has degraded huge swathes of public life and has itself been degraded so that those faced with adverse publicity no longer reach for a convoluted and devious piece of eyewash to explain away their particular piece of ordure, but instead go straight for the unvarnished lie on the off chance, one supposes, that someone of particularly bovine disposition might believe it.

Thus with a spokesman from British Airways yesterday. Sadly I did not catch his name, so A Liar will have to do. A Liar’s job was to spin the fact of his employers being dropped in the pooh to the tune of £270 million or thereabouts for having, along with Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic and others, ramped up their fuel surcharges in collusion with one another, something which is unlawful in terms of fair trading law and in some jurisdictions criminal. The purpose of such arrangements is quite simply to make customers pay more than they should, as the element of competition which keeps prices down is removed and the price can be put up to whatever the offenders like in the knowledge that their co-conspirators will always make people pay the same price. It has no other purpose than cheating people out of their money.

So there is A Liar, keen to play down BA’s crime. Out it popped: customers were not for a moment cheated of a single penny.

Oh please…

There are times when honesty is the best course followed by abject apology. BA missed their opportunity here and by lying through their teeth have demonstrated that they have absolutely no remorse whatsoever for their crimes or for having screwed their customers over and over again and that their only regret is at having been caught and their only plans for the future are (a) how not to get caught next time and (b) how to get that bastard Branson back for dropping them in the crap.

I hope that they all get carted off to the USA where they deal out serious jail time for this sort of thing, in jails that form part of Dante’s Inferno.

Monopolies and Cartels are the antithesis of the free market and genuine free competition and every time these crooks get caught is good for the consumer. BA has got form for these sorts of shenanigans and one suspects that the culture of misconduct is, like the culture of bias at the BBC, so deeply ingrained that they no longer recognise it for what it is.

The various civil actions that must follow will enmesh BA up to their eyeballs in pooh for ages to come. perhaps they might like to try competing with the likes of Ryanair and Easyjet for a change instead of using their preferential position at Heathrow to cheat their customers. And perhaps their customers will show their disgust for a change by just walking away.