I have just had this comment:

“The EU constitution is yet another, and possibly final, nail in the coffin of what was once an independent nation.

I am a member of UKIP and firmly believe that they represent the best conservative values that Mr Cameron has abandoned in his rush to be Mr Nice Guy to all sections of the voting public.

However, pragmatism must prevail in this election as ‘Dave’s Conservatives’ represent the only real chance to stop the constitution via a referendum and I believe having achieved that will open the door to the debate about membership of this corrupt and undemocratic political construct.

I will vote Conservative at the general and UKIP at Euro and local. The prospect of losing to Brown and the complete dissolution of this country is at stake and for me that is beyond party politics.”

Whatever we think of his/her strictures about David Cameron and the conservative party, it seems to me that it is reasonable evidence of the need to make a serious effort to fertilise this particular field: whatever UKIP care to do with their vote at the European or local elections, they must be persuaded to ‘lend’ (if that is the right word) their vote to us for this election. It is said that up to 26 seats may have been lost because of UKIP last time out. They would be a valuable start on the road to power.