The Herald reports here that George Galloway, the ludicrous ‘Respect’ MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, having once said he would not stand for Parliament again, is now talking up his own prospects of another run, perhaps in Scotland but perhaps in Jack Straw’s Blackburn constituency where the result in 2005 was:

Straw J.W.* Labour 17,562 42.01%
Ameen I.A. Conservative 9,553 22.85%
Melia A.P. LibDem 8,608 20.59%
Holt N. BNP 2,263 5.41%
Murray C.J. Ind 2,082 4.98%
Baxter D. Ms. UKIP 954 2.28%
Carter G.A. Green 783 1.87%

Electorate: 72,707; Turnout: 57.50%;
Majority: 8,009 (19.16%)

Whilst he might struggle to win there, he might so split the Labour vote that Straw finds himself out on his ear. Now there’s a tantalising thought.

Any such contest would be bound to be incendiary and might well prove to be the dirtiest ever held. Expect to see Mr. Galloway prostrating himself dressed as a cat on ‘Big Brother’ over and over again.

Of course, other events such as ongoing investigations into his affairs, may yet intrude to deprive us of this spectacle.