The Treaty which will, in my opinion, (for which see here) as a matter of customary international law end the United Kingdom’s status as an independent and sovereign nation state on 1st. January 2009, has finally struggled into English, conveniently after Parliament has risen (is that sinister? Of course it is. The last thing the EuroNabobs want us to do is actually read and comprehend this shameful document).

Given that the BBC is supposed to be the national public service broadcaster you might expect it to have carried this as a piece of news and to have a link on its website to a copy of the document.

Surprise, surprise, none such exists. The BBC, enemy of Britain and her people, loves the EU with a passion and is as determined as the EuroNabobs and this Quisling Government to keep the wool firmly over our eyes.

Well here is a link to where you might find the dodgy document. EU Referendum also analyses it and there is also analysis on Open Europe.

It is not easy stuff, but please look and do your best to understand the enormity of what is being done to our independence. As importantly make sure like-minded people do the same: spreading the word is very important. And make sure we get as much support and coverage as we can for time is short.