The Telegraph reports here that Lembit Opik is being touted for LibDem candidate for Mayor of London.

So, it is a two horse race after all.

He has zero connection with London (at least Boris has a long-standing claim to have worked there beyond his life as an MP), lives on an asteroid, is a would-be aging Lothario and backed each candidate for leadership of his party just in time for each of his choices to implode before moving quite unblushingly on to the next Nut Cutlet. Though he has been on HIGNFY, he was singularly unfunny.

Mr Opik said of this wacko notion: “It’s ever so flattering. If I was a London MP I would stand like a shot. The only issue is my constituency is 205 miles away.


Next please!

Go, Boris, Go!

(NB I tried to get through that without one ‘cheeky’ joke. I always admire myself when I do things like that but tonight I shall have to forego the pleasure).