One of the remarkable features of the reviving of the Constitutional Treaty by the EuroNabobery is that, almost to a man. they are so smug and satisfied with the feat of obfuscation they believe they have achieved by producing an unreadable and incomprehensible ‘amending’ Treaty that they are almost bursting with pride at their activities, so much so that they cannot wait to blurt out or commit to print the extent of their smugness and the truth of what they are trying to do. I was initially puzzled by this: surely it is madness to tell everyone just how deeply you have conspired and striven to lie, cheat and deceive the European voter as to the true nature of what they are doing?

My puzzlement has gone. I am quite confident that, in their hubris, they actually believe that they have gotten away with the biggest and most wicked lie since European Jewry was methodically conned into calmly boarding so many cattle trucks on trains bound for the East on the premise that they were being ‘resettled’. Thus they feel uninhibited about boasting of their cleverness to those at hand whom they mistakenly (fortunately for us) slavishly share their cheating weasel ways. Equally fortunately some of their interlocutors are not the co-conspirators they believed them to be and these gallant cascittuni*, some of whom must be risking dismissal at least, make sure that evidence of EuroNabobery’s anti-democratic plot makes it into print or onto YouTube as soon as possible. Yet as more and more of these self-destructive statements filter out, you might have expected Emperor José Barroso the First to have issued a self-denying ordinance clamping down on these serial breaches of the code of EuroOmertà.

That His Serene Smugness has not done so must be evidenced by the fact that the latest EuroNabob to be filled with the hubris thing, the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Mariann Fischer Boel, has admitted that the old and revived texts were “as close to each other as was possible”.

Meanwhile MEP Hans-Gert Poettering, President of the European Parliament, another of the serial conspirators who has already been fingered in the these columns, has written a letter to the Daily Telegraph in which he explicitly confirms that the so-called amending treaty is essentially the same as the original constitution. Indeed he expresses his satisfaction at the outcome. Yet he goes on to try and insist that Vanity Blair’s ‘Red Lines’ are worth the paper upon which they were written, something that commentators have already demonstrated to be utterly false, often by reference to utterances of some of Poettering’s fellow conspirators.

The text of the letter I reproduce here:

Sir – You report me as saying that the EU’s new Reform Treaty is in essence a repackaged European constitution (“Brown’s EU fraud exposed by letter”, July 28). The implication of your article is that the Government in London has engaged in some kind of “fraud” against the British public.

At the June Summit in Brussels, I did indeed argue vigorously for maintaining as much of the substance of the existing constitutional text as possible – a position repeatedly asserted by the European Parliament and many governments – and I am naturally pleased with an outcome that achieves this.

Although some important changes were made to the document, a great deal of what was best in the original draft constitution has been retained However, it is important to recognise that the situation in the United Kingdom is quite different to that in the other 26 member states.

Compared to the draft constitution, the Reform Treaty involves a de facto British opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights, as well as a much wider British exemption in Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) than previously conceded.

Since making the Charter legally binding and extending Community competence to JHA were two of the most important features of the original constitution, the deal struck by Tony Blair in June means that – for better or worse – much of its substance will simply not apply in Britain.

Now the only puzzle left is why these anti-democratic Boyars still think they have hoodwinked us all.

Meanwhile The Caliph of Downing Street and his Whirling Dervishes spin around and around ever faster and faster as they endlessly chant the mantra “The constitutional concept, which consisted in repealing all existing treaties and replacing them by a single text called “Constitution”, is abandoned.”

Eventually, like a top, they will spin off the very floor to disaster and ruin.

*cascittuni is the name given by Italians to those who inform on The Mafia or the Cosa Nostra in breach of the code of Omertà.