EU Referendum has an excellent post HERE which I commend to all who pass these portals on the topic of the internet and the EU referendum.

From what one reads the internet is being used in significant ways in the USA in elections from those for President of the USA down to town rat catcher, ways in which we are yet to become adept. When the time comes, it is to be hoped that the umbrella organisation which is set up to mastermind the anti-treaty campaign will set aside a sensible chunk of its budget to help us get the message out and the voters in.

I am absolutely certain that in such a campaign we must seek to dominate cyberspace with our message and that the internet will be a crucial medium in educating the public given that the Government propaganda machine and the propaganda arm of the Labour Party and the Europhile party (a.k.a. The BBC) will bring to bear its significant weight against us.

Talking of the BBC, one of the pleasures of such a campaign will be to see how such an institutionally leftist and Europhile organisation squirms as it desperately tries to pay lip service to the concept of partiality but at the same time outrageously supports the pro-treaty campaign. They will not, because of their addiction to Europe and leftism, be able to avoid breaching their duty of impartiality and we shall have to keep a daily, nay hourly check on all their output to suppress as far as possible their bias. If they overstep the mark, I believe the outrage will be such that they find it to be a defining moment in the history of the BBC, the moment when the worm turned and the sentence of death and dismantlement finally gets passed on it.

As to the Referendum itself, EU Referendum is entirely right to make an issue out of the use of the weasel words ” the constitutional concept……is abandoned”. The full quote is:

The constitutional concept, which consisted in repealing all existing treaties and replacing them by a single text called “Constitution”, is abandoned.

Macavity, The Squirt Milliband and other weasels are trying to make out that this means ‘officially’ that the constitution itself has been abandoned. Not so. All it means that the idea of spelling it out clearly in one document so that people might actually understand the enormity of what is about to be done to them and their independence is abandoned, to be replaced by an incomprehensible document that only anorak lawyers can understand which amends all the other treaties in such a way that the constitution remains de jure and de facto intact.

I beg to be forgiven for suggesting above that the original constitution was actually clear enough for ordinary mortals to understand. That was considerably to overstate the true position which is that the Constitution, several hundred pages long and couched in EuroNabobSpeak, was about as digestible as a wet carpet. But one could chew through after a few hours of concentrated thought and discern its true nature, namely that here was a Nation State in foetus.

The solution the EuroNabobs came up with, to have an obscure and totally incomprehensible document which has to be read in conjunction with a whole raft of other documents, was, let us admit, a masterstroke of sorts. Yet, in its very deviousness it has alerted those of us who suspect that the plan is one of EU Statehood all along to the true purpose of the document signed up to by Vanity Blair in the dog days of his Quisling Ministry.

This is where we on Planet Blog can help: to disseminate as much information to the inquisitive public on what the treaty really means.

And when it comes, then we must work as hard as we can for as large a majority as possible so that once and for all we can begin the process of disengaging our great nation from the tyranny that is the EU.