After an excellent showing in the last round of European elections, UKIP has been on something of a roller-coaster since then. The ludicrous Robert Kilroy Silk, effectively sacked by the BBC for some unwise remarks about some or other group of foreigners, had got himself elected as an MEP and proceeded forthwith to believe all the press and media hype about himself to such an extent that he felt inclined to mount an immediate coup against the UKIP leadership. Said coup, consisting of himself and a couple of neutered chihuahaus, collapsed with all the glamour of a dead whoopee cushion and PermaTan went off to found something called Veritas. Since then he has been quiet, thankfully.

Various financial scandals have since beset UKIP. Now they apparently have admitted to having but £5000-10000 in the Bank at the moment, so plainly the arrival of an articulate and personable leader in Nigel Farage has not enthused those with money to spend.

What ever may be the outcome of all this, one does urge UKIP supporters to thrown their hand in with the Conservatives at the next election, even if only as a one off, so as to ensure that, as fellow patriots, we are able better to ensure a referendum on Europe.

I should add that Mr. Farage was the recipient of an email from me to which he did not bother to reply. As I am quite capable of trashing such discourtesy, he should be grateful of the praise I have given him here. Other politicians who do not trouble themselves to be courteous and reply should pay attention.