Although these are still early days in the struggle to secure the right to give or withhold the whole-hearted consent of the British electorate to Vanity Blair’s last act of Quisling treachery, the revamped and reworded (but nothing else) Constitutional Treaty, it is possible to discern, if not light at the end of the tunnel, then at least a candle being held somewhere in the middle.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that the Labour MP Gisela Stuart has launched a strong attack on Macavity over his refusal to allow the British people to have their say on the transfer of our last meaningful powers to the unelected EuroNabobs in Brussels.

A senior Labour MP today launches a blistering attack on Gordon Brown for reneging on a pledge to hold a referendum on the new European Union treaty.

Gisela Stuart criticised Labour’s handling of the issue

Gisela Stuart, the MP for Birmingham Edgbaston and a former junior health minister, attacks her party’s “rubbish” handling of the issue in an article in The Sunday Telegraph.

“One of Tony Blair’s last acts was to renege on a promise and it is almost unbelievable that one of Gordon Brown’s first has been to do the same,” she writes. “There is still time for Gordon Brown to put this right.

“The issue has nothing to do with the so-called ‘old Tory agenda’. It has everything to do with the new Labour agenda: there was a manifesto commitment to a referendum on the EU constitution. All Labour MPs were elected in 2005 on that manifesto commitment.”

Ms Stuart, who was one of Britain’s representatives on the steering group that produced the draft constitution for the EU, concludes: “The Prime Minister says that he wants to listen to people and involve them in decisions. He talks about ‘wanting to renew democracy’ and claims that ‘this task does not fall to government alone, but to all the people of these islands – and the discussion now begins’. He can prove that he means what he says by giving people the final say on the treaty by giving them a referendum.”

Ms Stuart’s ferocious words are delivered as Mr Brown’s “honeymoon” as Prime Minister threatens to be brought to an abrupt halt by an unlikely alliance of opponents, which includes up to 40 rebel Labour MPs, Tory eurosceptics and captains of industry. The various groups insist Mr Brown must give the British people the final say on whether extra powers should be given to Brussels.

It will be recalled by many readers that Ms. Stuart, who is German-born and might therefore be thought naturally to incline towards unbridled EuroPhilia, was one of those who took part in the drafting of the EU Constitution under the aegis of former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Thus she, as well as anyone, may be taken fully to understand what is involved in the Constitutional Treaty and how the grubby document to which Vanity Blair signed his name but a few short weeks ago revives that Constitution in its entirety.

Whatever her views on whether the Constitution should be adopted or no, she has earned a place in the Pantheon of heroes for her savage and almost unprecedented attack on this weaselly Prime Minister. I salute her courage.

As important are signs that some Trades Unions are having second thoughts about the wisdom of this Treaty:

Labour backbenchers have already held secret meetings with trade union leaders to launch a September campaign demanding a referendum, it can be revealed. The campaign, funded mainly by the larger unions, would be deeply damaging to Mr Brown’s call for Labour unity in the run up to the party conference.

The unions most fiercely opposed to the constitution include the GMB and Unison, which have more than 1.6 million members between them.”

Slowly, slowly, Macavity’s conspiracy with his fellow Cabinet members to hoodwink and lie to our people and cheat us out of that which was once a clear promise is beginning to unravel.

Aux armes Citoyens!