The bald statement by Labour placewoman Baroness Young of Old Scone, a Brown crony, that water bills will have to rise to pay for flood-proofing towns and cities will come a surprise to those citizens who do not live in areas prone to flooding and too anyone who is aware that the water providing companies are, quite literally, a licence to print money.



“Bills are going to have to go up, both because of drought and floods,” she says.


“You either pay upstream to prevent, or you pay downstream to mop up but you’ve got to pay. Climate change is coming home to roost.”




The water industry as a whole made profits last year of almost £2 billion (that is £33 for every man woman and child in the Kingdom) and many will be asking why they do not apply some of that largess in investing in the infrastructure such as improved sewerage and drainage, mending the leaks and providing for new reservoirs and a proper grid system for moving water from areas well endowed with the stuff to less fortunate areas.




Why should the shareholders of such companies be immune from having to make such investment in the infrastructure? Why must they be further enriched (for that is surely how it will play out) on the backs of the hard-working and hard-pressed people of this country?



I am all in favour of capitalism and profit but not abuse of a monopoly position which is what this will be, legally sanctioned by a government which fears that the alternative will be the application of public funds which they would much rather spend on Gender Awareness Officers.