By all accounts both Tub O’Lard and Miss Caravanning Monthly 1975 are still enjoying the sybaritic delights of the ‘Grace & Favour’ residences that were granted to them when they were still Ministers of The Crown, the former enjoying a flat in Admiralty Arch where, as Deputy Prime Minister he is said to have smoothed the ruffled feathers of Vanity Blair and Macavity (and doubtless shagged his secretary whilst the going was good) and the latter at Carlton Gardens.

There is no excuse for Prescott to be there. He knew from months ago when Blair was going to do a runner and has had ample time to make other arrangements. He should be evicted forthwith.

And surely a month is quite long enough for Margaret Beckett to make other arrangements?

The problem with these people is that they live so long in a virtual world utterly detached from the real world in which the rest of us reside that they feel immune from the usual consequences of losing their jobs.

In addition, I hope that they are going to declare this valuable gift of free accommodation in their Member’s interests declarations and that they will also be paying a suitable dollop of tax for this freebie.

Meanwhile, on yer bike! (or Caravan…)