I am feeling exceptionally smug today. I have been posting regularly to ConservativeHome on the topic of the Conservative party failing properly to oppose the Labour party and the regular failure to take advantage of a whole series of open goal mouths, of which the floods & Rwanda debacle has been but the latest example.

Hence my pleasure at today’s Daily Telegraph first leader:

“The other glaring omission of Her Majesty’s Opposition is its failure to oppose. Where is the energy, the anger, the sheer bloody-minded persistence that characterised New Labour in the years running up to the 1997 election?”

I take no pleasure in having to point out the failures of the Conservative party in taking the war to the enemy but it is profoundly to be hoped that Mr. David Cameron has heard the message and will now get stuck in. More importantly it is to be hoped that some of his more laid-back colleagues will now roll up their sleeves and start digging for victory.

My smugness turned to complete joy as I turned to the DT’s second leader: headed “What about the army?”, it makes the point that our Land Forces are also in a parlous condition and urgently need some TLC lavishing upon them.

Readers will note my post of yesterday at 10.44 a.m :

“With this news we can now hope that the part-time Defence Minister and Scots Junta Member, Des Browne, will turn his attention to the parlous and depleted state of the Army which Labour has done so much to destroy whilst it has been engaged in its foreign adventures.”

Remember, folks, you read it here first!