News comes hot foot by means of The Huntsman’s trusty carrier pigeon Fifi that the President of the European Parliament, one Hans-Gert Poettering, has helped to trash Macavity’s referendum evasions yet further by admitting (in writing) that the revived Constitution has been designed “to allow us to keep the advances that we would not have dared present directly”.

Day after day dishonest Labour Ministers step up to the plate to deliver the Mantra that the “EU Constitution is dead! Long Live The Amending Treaty Which Is So Obscure That Only A Real EuroCrat With Ten University Degrees Can Understand it And Any Way It’s In French, So We Really Pulled The Wool Over Your Eyes This Time!” that it is refreshing to find a EuroNabob who is still willing to tell the truth. Mind you, given his candour, he is probably on a train to the Salt Mines as we speak.

Still, dear old Hans-Gert’s admission is somewhat at odds with the statement in the “BRUSSELS EUROPEAN COUNCIL 21/22 JUNE 2007 PRESIDENCY CONCLUSIONS” which says, at paragraph 7:

“The European Council emphasises the crucial importance of reinforcing communication with the European citizens, providing full and comprehensive information on the European Union and involving them in a permanent dialogue. This will be particularly important during the upcoming IGC and ratification process.”

So there you have it: the Official Documents say they want to give us “full and comprehensive information” and one of its top Nabobs says the one thing they don’t want is to do anything of the sort.

Apparently Hans-Gert gave an “exposé” at the meeting: I shudder to think what that might mean.

One is singularly grateful for the stream of EuroNabobs who, day after day, come along to reveal the extent to which they have all conspired to railroad the Constitution through.

Quite how they think that we will be deceived by any of this is a bit of a puzzle.