As Macavity moved to hand out public spending largesse to Scotland in the shape of the two new Aircraft Carriers (much needed as my last post demonstrates, but the cynic in me cannot resist noting where the money is to be spent), Alex Salmond was quick to let some of the reflected light fall on him in his welcoming of the contract being placed in Scotland with every chance the carriers will themselves be based there in due course.

What Mr. Salmond carefully omitted to say is that, if he has his way, these will be the last British Warships ever to be built on the Clyde. After Independence all he will be building there will be coastal patrol vessels armed with pop guns for use by the Scottish Coast Guard (the whole set up will be too Mickey Mouse for anything serious and expensive like a Navy). Scottish voters, used to putting their begging bowls out for HMG to fill should take careful note of this important and irrefutable fact.

Lest Scots readers cavil at this, just look at the Mickey Mouse performance being conducted over something simple, like the organisation of Scottish Rugby. That particular imbroglio brings speedily to mind the words ‘organise’, ‘piss up’ and ‘brewery’ so the idea of a post-Independence Scotland having the ability to organise a Navy is just a ‘fall about laughing’ matter.