Information about who Vanity Blair had to share his little trough at Chequers has been dragged out of a kicking and screaming Downing Street. The list displays an awful OK magazine list of C list celebrities and nonentities that tells you so much about Blair and his gold digger wife’s tastes and intellectual curiosity.

The full list is:

David Aaronovitch, David Adjye, Charles Allen, The Hon Stephen Benn, The Rt Reverend the Lord Bishop of Oxford, The Rt. Hon. David Blunkett MP ( to tell shagging dog stories, no doubt), Ginny Buckley, Sarah Byrn,e Liam Byrne MP, Sir Ian Carruthers, Lady Joan Carruthers, Michael Cashman MP, Adrian Chiles, Charlotte Church, Nita Clarke, Paul Costello, Anne Costello, Paul Cottingham, Tess Daly, Andy Duncan, Jocelyn Duncan, Deirdre Dyson, James Dyson CBE, Chris Evans, Michael Fisher, David Fletcher, Janet Fletcher, Brendan Foste,r Sue Foster, Martin Frizzell, Jane Garvey, Peter Gershon, Eileen Gershon, Lord Anthony Giddens, Lady Alena Giddens, John Hannett, Linda Hannett, Dr Josephine Harries, Gavin Henson, Andy Hornby, Cathy Hornby, Nick Jones, Vernon Kay, Lorraine Kelly, Justin King, Claire King, Julie Lewis, Liz Lloyd, Richard Madeley, Chloe Madeley, Steve McClaren, Kathryn McClaren, Pat McFadden MP, Claire Murphy, Jim Murphy M,P Peter Neyroud, Sarah Neyroud, Eric Nicoli, Lucy Nicoli, Indra Nooyi, Raj Nooyi, Fiona Phillips, Sarah Powel,l Pauline Prescott, The Rt Hon John Prescott MP (I though pork was what you served at table rather than had sitting at table), Sharon Reed, Lord Sainsbury, Lady Susie Sainsbury, William Sargent, June Sarpong, The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu, Margaret Sentamu, The Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP, Steve Smith, Richard Stephens, Richard Timney, Marianna Trian, Paul Walsh, Benjamin Wegg Prosser, Julia Wegg Prosser, Colonel Richard Williams, Philippa Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Jane Williams and Kirsty Young

It reminds one of the very good taste that Winston Churchill had in such matters. His second daughter Sarah married Austrian-born emigré actor and comedianVic Oliver for whom the Great Man plainly did not care. Oliver once asked his father-in-law who was the world statesman he most admired. “Benito Mussolini” replied Winston. Shocked at his choice, Oliver asked “why Mussolini?”. “Because he is the only one who has had the courage to shoot his own son-in-law”.