It is said that a proposal was floated a while back to raise a regiment of Sikhs born in the UK for service in the British Army. Sadly this proposal was scuppered, probably by the likes of Trevor Phillips or one of his race relations industry catspaws. Regular readers will be familiar with Phillips: he is the loathsome squirt who has a fine line in jokes about elderly, but much loved ladies, and their colostomy bags.

What a great opportunity has been missed here. The Huntsman’s father served as a Captain in the 2nd. Bn. The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in the run up to independence and frequently went to the aid of the civil power with his company alongside both Ghurkha and Sikh regiments . He remained a constant admirer of both for their martial skills and, particularly in the case of the latter, their martial bearing. They would provide not just excellent fighting troops but also give daily proof of the integration of the Sikh community into British life. In addition the penchant of Sikh Regiments for the most splendid of uniforms would bring a dash of romance and colour to our nation, especially if doing Guard duty at Buckingham Palace.

It is to be hoped that the Army has not given up on this idea and will revisit it soon.