Alex Salmond has announced that he is going to publish shortly his party’s plans for an Independence referendum (I suppose that Scots should be grateful for the promise of a referendum that someone wants to keep). This is despite the clear fact that his party, whilst it may have a lawful and moral mandate to be the administration in Scotland, has no mandate whatever to hold such a referendum, given that two-thirds of the electorate voted for parties that do not want such a referendum.

Equally important will be for us to see just how Mr. Salmond proposes to pay for his referendum. Is it not the case that matters involving devolution of powers and referenda thereupon are matters reserved to Westminster? And if this is the case, how can money lawfully be expended by the Scottish Executive on such an exercise?

Still, it will provide for much hot air to be expended in the Scottish Parliament, which will please the Greens enormously as it will save on the building’s heating bills. Meanwhile we all know such a proposal has all the hydrodynamic qualities of a cannon ball dropped into Loch Ness. So why are the Scots wasting their time on this when they should be getting on with trying, for once, properly to organise a piss-up in a brewery?

Perhaps the SNP can enlighten us.