Jobsworths in Bolton seem bent on preventing Veterans from holding the annual Remembrance Day Parade in the town of Horwich. Thus reports The Daily Mail (here). It seems that ‘Elf n Safety experts have got to work on this otherwise vigourous demonstration of National Pride and Remembrance for the sacrifice of our citizens in The Great War, The Second World War and other modern conflicts and are trying to kill it stone dead with their Fascist tendencies.

In addition the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has thrown in his two penn’orth by insisting that parade organisers employ marshals to man the route at the princely sum of £50 per day per marshal.

The cost for the people of Horwich who wish to mark this important occasion is now an exorbitant £18000.

The Huntsman has four proposals.

1. The council Jobsworth at the bottom of this should be lawfully found, be given a short lawful trial and then be lawfully shot.

2. The Greater Manchester should sack its Chief Constable and replace him with someone who is prepared to line the route for free.

3. Bolton Council should comb its ranks for people employed uselessly (Gender Awareness Officers come to mind) and make them redundant and instead use the money saved towards helping its citizens have a Remembrance Day Parade.

4. On Remembrance Day Bolton’s Councillors should be paraded in public before being put into The Stocks for the usual ritual humiliation.

There, I feel much better for that.