An anonymous commenter has posted this:

Hey, but what about UK not extraditing 30 or so russian criminals back to Russia? WHat about them? Or are there should be different rules for UK ? UK even granted 6 of them a citisenship …
UK has to learn respect other countries if it wants hte respect back …

This misses the point entirely. The UK may refuse to extradite someone for all sorts of reasons but they do not do so on the sole ground that the alleged criminal is an United Kingdom citizen and is therefore protected by Statute from extradition.

Russia on the other hand provides a guaranteed safe haven for its citizens if they have committed serious crimes abroad and manage to get home: Russia will not extradite them simply because they are Russian, not because the evidence is weak or the crime alleged is unknown to Russian law or because the criminal might face torture, which may on occasion be perfectly valid reasons for refusing extradition. This is not the case in the UK.

So the author of these comments has quite misunderstood the objection to Russia’s refusal to extradite this man simply because he is a Russian. The spelling mistakes I will ignore on the generous basis that they are typos of which we are all from time to time guilty.