By all accounts the likes of Humphrys, Paxo, Naughtie, Esler, Sissons et alios are to be sent off to North Korean-style re-education camps to be taught about telling the truth.

When all of you out there have finished writhing about on the floor, kicking your legs in the air, helpless with mirth, you might ponder the tautology involved in the phrase ‘BBC and the Truth’.

The BBC would lie about anything if it advanced the leftist cause. The leftist slant is so strong and so obvious that it cannot be a matter of mere negligence. Intelligent producers and editors consciously strive day in and day out at their little coalfaces contemplating how to present their world view to the nation in a way that always denounces the right, always belittles our history, heritage and traditions, but always bolsters their preferred political viewpoint. if that requires a lie, then they lie.

I once believed the BBC could be reformed. But the reality is that the institutional leftism is far too deep seated to be broken and it will never reform. Time to break up the Luvvie Lefty Love-in and sell the thing off to some cruel plutocrat who will teach them the error of their ways.