The revelations about dishonesty at the BBC in connection with phone-ins should come as no surprise.

It is plain that the BBC has, even upon its own admission, a serious problem with institutional bias against the right. In this it has at the very heart of its culture a contempt for its Charter and any requirement or duty of impartiality. It is a form of corruption that expresses itself in a deliberate and knowing flouting of the duty of impartiality, day in and day out, on every TV Channel and on every Radio station.

The Huntsman now conducts a daily exercise of reading all the papers and doing a tour of the blogosphere. He then looks at the BBC website and can predict with some accuracy what the lead stories will be and what the BBC’s take on any particular story. He can also guess which stories will never see the light of day: for example few of the recent confessions by EuroNabobs that they believe they have hoodwinked us all over the Constitutional Treaty recently signed by Blair have seen the light of day.

The BBC therefore has a culture of breaching the Charter with impunity. Such a culture has an effect in that others begin to think that the BBC is above the law. Such a culture gives rise to a second culture, one of immunity, to wit that producers and editors feel they can act with immunity in their disregard for what is right and what is the law and that they are immune from the consequences. In other words many at the BBC feel they are above and beyond the law.

One MP recently referred to the BBC as being out of control. The Huntsman wonders. Is it not rather that the BBC is in full control of itself and is well down the road to setting itself up as an autonomous state within a state, seemingly immune to any vaccine which might be applied to it.

The Huntsman believes this is will only be brought to an end if the BBC is broken up and sold to the highest bidder. For now it should as soon as possible be brought to heel. The Hutnsman , however, having viewed the Director-General’s performance on TV tonight, was not impressed, He really did not look like a man capable of dealing with the poison which lies at the heart of the BBC.