“Austria Late in Offering Rewards to Find Nazis

Austria has offered its first ever rewards for information leading to the arrest of Nazi War Criminals, 62 years after the end of the Second World War.

The Justice Ministry in Vienna has put up €50,000 (£34,000) for tips on the whereabouts of Aribert heim, an SS Doctor accused of having killed concentration camp inmates with heart injections, and Alois Brunner, an aide to Adolf Eichmann, who helped organize deportations of Jews to death camps.

This report, in full HERE, is just the sort of thing that has us ordinary mortals bug-eyed at the sheer effrontery of the Austrians (who, we should frequently remind ourselves, are the Huns who gave you Wiener Schnitzel, The Blue Danube Waltz, The Sachertorte and, of course Adolf Hitler) in springing this exciting news on an unsuspecting world.

But a few weeks after its War Criminal ex-President, the late but deeply mendacious and unlamented Kurt Waldheim, shuffled off his mortal coil and headed for whatever personal Hell the Gods have decreed for him, the Austrian Government has, a mere sixty-two years after the surrender of Germany was effected, appropriately to a British Field-Marshal, galvanised itself into an urgent search for others of its home-grown Nazis.

The Huntsman, who whilst defending an accused at the Yugoslavia Tribunal, had the entire Austrian system of pre-trial criminal investigation and pre-trial procedure declared to be in breach of pretty well every human rights convention there is, has had some experience of Austrian officialdom, which is why he is so vehemently against the whole EU Diktat. They make Sir Humphrey look like a model of open government and honesty.

This bit of news is no more than a tawdry, sick little gimmick. Austria has spent much of the period since it was defeated by the Allies carefully disowning its Nazi past and its own home-grown Nazi leaders such as Arthur Seyss-Inquart and, of course, The Little Corporal himself and painting itself, by virtue of the Anchluss, as ‘The First Victim’.

What they forget is that the Austrian people as a whole, though certainly not Austrian Jews, were delirious with joy at the entry of Hitler into Vienna and the arrival of The Huns at the gates of Austria. They could not wait to get all their Jews down on their hand and knees cleaning the streets with toothbrushes.

This report so irritates The Huntsman that he wishes to float the idea that, given that Germany and Austria have now got themselves into a reasonable economic position, we should form a “Commission for Reparations” that will assess the measure of damages, including reasonable interest, that Germany and Austria will have to pay the United Kingdom for the damage inflicted by them during their Criminal War of Aggression.

Once assessed, these criminal nations will be told they have a full seventy-five years to pay it all off.

As for their insulting offer of a reward for Heim and Brunner, both surely geriatric or dead, they should be told, firmly, to stick it up their lederhosen and beyond.

This idea would have the added attraction of causing BundesHausfrau Merkel and her Hun chums to concentrate on important things, like running the economy better so as to pay off the reparations, instead of her and her successors persisting in attempts to run the EU.