News comes, courtesy of a native with a cleft stick hot foot from the Metropolis, that the CPS is to allow its cleaners, tea ladies (sorry, tea persons) typists and telephonists to conduct prosecutions at ‘not guilty’ trials.

Thus reports The Times today.

The Huntsman started working as Counsel in the late 1970s and did much work in Magistrates Courts when many prosecutions were still conducted by Police Officers. Elderly Sergeants who no longer had the puff to chase after criminals were retired to the cushy post of prosecuting in remote outposts of the justice system.

They were quite awful, by and large. Utterly unethical and untrained, they would routinely lose prosecutions through sheer incompetence. They would, with the same insouciance that they would perjure themselves about Chummy’s confession (“It’s a fair cop, Guv” being no joke on some occasions) routinely mislead the court or blurt out some thing which you had believed to have been discussed on a confidential and priviledged basis. They would always, quite knowingly, try to adduce inadmissible evidence, and took great delight in making sure that the Justices knew of your client’s previous convictions.

In short, they were an affront to Justice which is precisely what these unqualified erks of the CPS will be.

The irony of this is that the CPS was set up, in part, to eliminate just such affronts to justice as prosecutor Policemen presented. Now, for the usual weaselly reasons, the whole charade has turned full circle.

Along with the Local Government Act 1972 and The European Communities Act 1972, the nationalisation of the prosecution process was one of the worst and most disgraceful acts of a Conservative government. That it was a disgrace is amply demonstrated by what the CPS has become since then and most of all by the ambitions that The CPS has for the future.

This comes firmly under the heading of “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, first they make mad.”