The Huntsman studiously avoids London. It is a noisy, dirty place where these days an Englishman scarcely feels at home. That said, one would hope that Boris Johnson will seize the day and stand as the Conservative candidate for Mayor.

No city should have to endure any further the appalling and reptilian Livingstone, who, let us recall, was once the epitome of the Loony Left. Now he mismanages London, prancing about on the world stage with Dictators such as Hugo Chavez, comparing Jewish journalists with concentration camp guards, cozying up to Islamo-Fascists much as he used to cozy up to the enemies of Britain during the Irish Troubles, doing his best to bankrupt the city he is supposed to be managing.

Boris is not only a National Treasure but has the name recognition that will be required to remove the obnoxious Livingston from underneath his stone. At the moment he dithers. Let us hope he has the resolve to go forward. Another dose of Norris or a maverick candidacy by Mike Reed is not to be welcomed. Boris has the strength of character to rise above all the nastiness that Labour and the LibDems can call down on him and make this a real fight for a change.