These people have something in common: they are all members of an EU body and act in YOUR name. Have YOU ever been asked to elect them? No. Have you ever heard of them? Probably not.

Who and what are they? Answers by way of the comments section please.

ARNOLD AM, Jennette ,Cllr BAKER, Paula, Cllr BARKER CBE, Muriel Mary, Cllr Sir BORE, Albert, Cllr BRIGHT, Robert, Cllr BULL, Katrina, BUTLE AM, Rosemary, Cllr CLUCAS OBE, Flo, Sir DAY, Simon, Cllr GARVIE, Graham, Cllr the Lady HANHAM CBE, Joan, Cllr HEATLEY, Martin, Cllr KEYMER CBE, Gordon, Cllr KHATUN OBE, Syeda, Cllr MALCOLM, Iain, Cllr MASOOD, Mohammad, Cllr MCCABE, Jim, Cllr MCCHORD, Corrie, Cllr MOORE, Peter, Cllr MORROW, Maurice, MURPHY MP MLA, Conor, Cllr NEILL AM, Robert, Cllr PARNABY, Stephen, Cllr PARSONS, David, Cllr POOTS MLA, Edwin, Cllr QUAYLE, Dave, Cllr SHAKESPEARE OBE, David, Cllr SWIFT, Bernice, Cllr TAYLOR, Sharon,Cllr the Lord TOPE AM CBE, Graham,Cllr TWITCHEN OBE, Kay, Cllr WALTERS, Keith, Cllr Sir WATSON CBE, Ron, Cllr WHITEMAN OBE, Milner, Cllr WILLIAMS, William John