The Scotsman reports HERE on the work-in-progress that is being undertaken to destroy professional Rugby Union in Scotland. It is difficult to understand how the various parties to this dispute managed to arrive at a situation where there is only one professional rugby club in Scotland, where there were once four. Pissing an entire sport down the drain just over a decade after it went professional takes a lot of dedicated incompetence, but the SRU and the clubs seemed to have managed it.

The Huntsman was, for reasons too complex to explain (it involves the Emperor of Japan, the safety of the Indian Empire, the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1948 and the length of getting a medical degree) born in Dundee but is of determinedly Yorkshire stock and thus considers himself an Englishman through and through. Beating Scotland brings almost more pleasure than beating the All Blacks.

Nonetheless, whilst a long period of England holding the Calcutta Cup looks to be on the cards, ultimately a weak Scotland will work to the detriment of all UK Rugby. In that sense one hopes they sort themselves out sharpish.

It makes you wonder, though, how one can take Scotland’s pretensions to nationhood seriously if they manage a professional sport in such a way that they can go from winning a 5 nations Championship in 1999 and a Grand Slam in 1990 to having one professional rugby team in 2007. It really does beggar belief.

Alex Salmond will not be able to blame Scottish Rugby’s demise on the English or, indeed, anyone else for that matter. Instead this is a purely homegrown, dyed in the wool Tartan cock-up worthy of the Marx Brothers which makes Scotland the laughing stock of the world. Still, Salmond will doubtless find some way of blaming us. We shall merely have the pleasure of winning the Calcutta Cup for the next twenty years and more as recompense.

Still there may be one benefit: perhaps next year the SRU will not be able to afford the gang of Tartan-clad and Woad-covered Pictish Warriors at Murrayfield that seems to have escaped from a nearby zoo which always seems to turn up for the pre-match ceremonies amidst all the ludicrous flame-throwers. For a Nation that claims to be looking to a future as an ‘independent’ nation (bearing in mind that Plan ‘A’ in the event of independence is to apply to become a member of the EU, you will realise what a silly notion that is!) Scots seem to spend an awful lot of time cringing in the shadow of their history.

Perhaps this might be time to grow up and get a life.