As The Scotsman reports (here), President Sarkozy is going the rounds of the Eurozone ministers in a desperate attempt to persuade them to let him off the leash as far as the rules of the EU budget rules known as the Stability and Growth Pact. France’s economy having atrophied to the point of becoming scelerotic in recent years, to the extent that some talk of France as the sick man of Europe in a way that people once talked of the UK before Margaret Thatcher appeared on the scene and put us back on the road to economic good health, Sarkozy now needs to undertake some root-and-branch reforms and restructuring of the French economy.

Hence his efforts at persuading his EuroNabob chums to let him break all the rules. Such chicanery and irresponsibility reminds us of precisely why we were and remain wise to stay well clear of the ill-conceived Franco-German racket which is the Euro.

The chances are that France will get its way and be allowed until 2012 to get its deficit in order and balance the books. Sarkozy’s flouting of the rules will no doubt be aided and abetted by French satrap European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet who will not want to buck the plans of his own President to break the rules.

Thus far the French tail has been furiously wagging the EU dog since Sarkozy took over in Paris. There he was at the conspiracy to stitch the EU up with a Constitution slipping anti-competitive clauses through in the hope nobody would notice, all designed to let France go its own way, as usual. and hopelessly undermine any concept of the EU being about a level playing field when it comes to the single market or indeed any other market. Why we wished to allow ourselves to be sucked any further into the shyster world of the federal EU remains a mystery to all rational people.

Meanwhile Macavity remains defiant of the wishes of a majority of the British People to have an opportunity to give or to withhold their wholehearted consent to the Constitutional Treaty which is being cobbled up by the Portuguese at the moment. But watch this space as he is currently thought to be be creating some wiggle room which will enable him to give us a referendum and at the same time claim that he is only doing so because this or that red line has now been broken and so he can claim to be ‘protecting’ British interests.

If this Treaty is such a good idea, then why, pray, are the British people not trusted enough to have their say upon it?

Meanwhile instability in the Polish government coalition suggests an election may have to be held there sooner rather than later which may produce some interesting anti-EU gems from incumbent PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski. This may further upset the EuroNabobery’s plans to steal our country from us.