Yesterday has-been Tory politician Mr. Kenneth Clarke revealed to GMTV’s Sunday programme just how much of a disaster he would have been had he by some miracle been elected its leader.

Notwithstanding that polls show that a significant majority of the British people earnestly desires a chance to give or to withhold its whole-hearted consent to the Constitution to which Blair gave his assent once again last month, there is the old EuroPhiliac himself peddling his usual lies about Europe:

“I find the idea of a referendum on whether the Polish voting deal was the correct one and whether you should have a rotating presidency of the European Council has an inner absurdity.”

Given that almost everybody, including at least one Trades Union, believes that the ‘amending treaty’ is the same as the old Constitution and that, accordingly, there should indeed be a referendum upon it as was promised to use by Blair, Brown and the rest of his gang before and at the last election, Clarke insults the intelligence of the British people if he thinks that the amending Treaty is only about Polish Voting rights and the Rotating Presidency. Either he has not read the amending Treaty, in which case his statement was made with reckless abandon for the truth (and given his failure to read the Maastricht Treaty, this must be a possibility) or he has read it and has chosen deliberately to lie about it.

There are two groups of people who do not want a referendum. The first is made up of careerist politicians on the left who do not wish to be the subject of a massive defeat if a referendum were to be called, given all the political complications that would cause and political implications which would flow from it. The second is a Camarilla of largely used politicians such as Clarke, Hurd, Heseltine, Patten who seem determined to end the UK’s status as a nation state and who, like Heath and his chums did in the 1970s, would tell any lie, conceal any truth in order to avoid the referendum which they believe will end for ever the EU Project as far as the UK is concerned.

Clarke is, remarkably, head of the Tory Party democracy task force. Odd that his views on Europe should be so anti-democratic and insulting to the British people and undoubtedly a reflection on Mr. David Cameron’s judgement in putting him there in the first place.

The Huntsman is also puzzled by the logic he displays in claiming that abandoning calls for a referendum will make the Tory party more electable. If (1) a significant majority of the British public wants a referendum and (2) the Tory leader is minded to promise such a referendum, and (3) Brown et al. is minded to deny us one, then (4) why is that going to LOSE votes?

One is minded to think that Mr. Clarke believes, in that arrogant, patronizing way that he has, that the British public is stupid and will swallow all this rubbish. Well, we are not.