The Huntsman found this en passant. One is inclined to think this may give an insight into the impulses and neuroses of Middle America. The blogger claims to be married to a cleric. Perhaps that is the problem. Or perhaps not. In any event, this, surely, is curtain-twitching in cyberspace. Anyway, here it is:

“The new neighbor

It is with deep sadness that I report that we have a new ‘across the street’ neighbor. Her name is Molly and she’s a retired teacher from out of state. She’s not the problem, it’s what she wants to do with her property that is so troubling to me and our other neighbors. Apprently she wants to rent out her lovely house to not one, but 3, local college students to help her pay her mortgage. 😦

Of course, Ms. Molly has the right to do as she pleases and I’ve already scouted out our local zoning laws (4 unrelated people can live in the same house in this area– can you believe it?!)to confirm this. I’m just REALLY saddened by the thought of the increased traffic and I know that our neighbors are none too pleased with the situation. Molly says she’ll be living on site, but I don’t think this can be a very promising situation. The previous residents were a young family with kids a bit older than my girls and we really enjoyed having them as neighbors. It certainly won’t be like that.

I’m hoping she won’t have too much success since she’s just renting out bedrooms at this point and none have a private bath (except hers). She told a neighbor she was going to remodel the den into another bedroom (!) BLAH.

Added bonus. Molly asked this same neighbor (in the same conversation) the following questions: 1) Did he know of a place where she could buy a rifle? Becasue back “…in her old state she’d had ‘problems’ with a gentleman and wanted to make sure she had some protection….” and 2) Did he know of a good “American” psychiatrist because she had “a little problem that was taken care of but she’d like to find a local doctor and she didn’t want one who was a FOREIGNER.”

Sounds like a promising situation, doesn’t it?!
I’m keeping my kids in our backyard.”



This woman sounds like she has major issues.

I would have concern if someone in my neighborhood started renting out rooms to college students. We have a very quiet neighborhood and the thought of extra traffic and noise is scary.

Maybe someone will blow her in!

college students might be a great blessing and Ms Molly sounds like a woman “with character” who you might want to befriend 🙂

Here’s to hoping that she gets good AMERICAN college students (said ‘Merican) so she doesn’t have to shoot any of them.


Oh, that can’t be good – that is, the attitude of your new neighbor. She sounds like a handful! Ugh!

I’m of the optimistic notion that not all college students are noisy and rambunctious. Here’s to hoping that if her plan does happen she will not have those that deviate from the norm and they are peaceful, for your family and neighborhood’s sake.

I’m not really worried about the students themeselves since I think they’ll be older folks who may even be commuting. I’m more worried about traffic on our little cul de sac and the street not becoming a parking lot. ;(

Rev. Mommy- your comment had me rolling, too! You are so right. I hope she gets a ‘MERICAN doctor AND pharmacist to help her along.

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