The floods in Yorkshire have now taken on a political hue. Several places, Hull in particular, have experienced some of the worst floods ever. Some 30,000 in Hull are said to be homeless and the economic life of the City is said to be heavily disrupted. Some of the homeless are being warned that it may be many many months before they can return to their homes, if ever.

The matter has floated into the public consciousness because the Government has been singularly slow and inept in its response to the crisis affecting the City, whose three constituencies each returns a Labour MP to Parliament. David Cameron did put in a brief appearance in the early days and HRH The Prince of Wales has been twice. He plainly knows where his duty lies.

The Nincompoops plainly do not and Labour, which regards the City of Hull as its private fiefdom, has shown how much it takes places such as these for granted. Despite the long-term damage being done to the City, Labour has done almost nothing to help. Now they are beginning to wake up to the political disaster that they face by their inaction and belatedly Alan Johnson, who, despite his membership of the cabinet, should remember he is MP for Hull West & Hessle, and John Prescott, who makes a political virtue out of his pride at being MP for Hull East, put in an appearance, though they were somewhat sheepish about it all.

We should not be surprised at this. Labour holds these seats with decent majorities, all with turnouts of 45-47%. They treat such places much as the aristocracy once treated Rotten Boroughs: with contempt.

And what are the Tories doing? Here is an enormous open goalmouth into which Tories ought to be lining up to slot goal after goal. Just imagine that this had happened in 1995 under the Hapless Jelly Fish himself (that’s John Major to you and me). Robin Cook, Prescott and their ilk would have been all over the place like flies on the proverbial cowpat, every night hogging the headlines talking on the topic of the heartless and incompetent Tories.

Instead the area appears to be quite Tory-free. The Huntsman wants the Conservative party to win the next election but he is in despair at the inability of the party to get itself engaged in the business of making life difficult for Brown and his serried ranks of Marxist lecturers and political careerists. Why, for goodness sake, are some of the party’s Northern Stalwarts (Hague, Davis to name but a few) not out there shaking with indignation at the Government’s indignation and touring the desolate lakes of Hull promising that under a Tory administration that the City would get all it needs and more to restore itself.

On ConservativeHome yesterday The Huntsman tried to prod the party in the backside with a large stick. Some correspondents started to mutter darkly about idiots who fail to insure the fabric and contents of their home being undeserving of any help. That is, of course, the traditional Tory line. It also helpfully reminds everyone of the fact that, in some quarters, the party is known as ‘The Nasty Party’. How stupid can you get?

This is not the only open goal that the party has left unvisited. One thinks of the débâcle over the Royal Navy sailors captured by the Iranians. Here was an opportunity to make hay whilst the sun shone, yet Des Browne was left largely unmolested. What a time the late Robin Cook would have had ripping into some hapless Tory minister if this had happened on our watch. Instead Des Browne has been rewarded for his nincompoopery with the part-time posts of Minister of Defence and Minister for Scotland.

One wonders if we really want to win or not.