Just a few weeks after a very critical report berated the BBC for its bias, citing as an example its wholly uncritical support for ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof’s Live Aid concerts amongst other things, they are again expending Taxpayer’s Licence Payer’s money with something called ‘Live Earth’, a series of concerts organised all over the world by Al Gore (who just happens to be a politician who may yet run in the 2008 Presidential Election in the USA).

The BBC tells us that ” David Shukman, Roger Harrabin and Kate Silverton will be on hand to provide expert comment, context and analysis of the issues.” Will there be a section extolling the virtues of nuclear power? Of course not. Will anyone be allowed to cast doubt on the economic and scientific value of wind farms? Don’t be silly! Will wastrel airlines be formed up at the bar of ‘public’ (IE BBC) opinion and indicted for killing us all? You bet. Will anyone be allowed to dissent from Gore’s prescription? You jest, surely.

The BBC is as unrepentant about this as it has showed itself about Iraq (Revenge is dish best eaten cold, again & again & again & again…….). The Tories are terrified to take on this monolith, notwithstanding the BBC’s institutional leftism, yet the BBC remains unreformed and unreformable.

It never wastes an opportunity that this or that plan for its aggrandisement or expansion cannot now be afforded because it was prevented from looting the Taxpayer’s Licence Payer’s pocket even more than it already does. Since the level of the Licence Fee is in itself a political matter, the BBC breaks its duty of impartiality every time it mentions this complaint.

Only privatisation will remove this uncontrolled piece of political bias from the scene. Exposed to the cleansing winds of being in the private sector and the slimming down of resources and jobs that that will entail, the Marxists who celebrated Labour’s 1997 win with champagne all over Broadcasting House will soon be brought to heel and for ever cast out into the real world where they will soon wither away